Calvary Cemetery -Columbarium

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Questions and Answers:

What is a Columbarium?  It is an above ground structure that permanently houses cremated remains.  This elegant-but-simple architectural design will house 5 pods, 636 spaces called “niches” with single & double niches at different price points.

Why are we building a Columbarium?  With our current rate of lot sales, we project our cemetery to be full in 30 years.  After that, we will continue to pay for perpetual care of the grounds.  This Columbarium will allow for future interment of cremated remains & future revenue for our cemetery fund.  This also allows more options for the increasing number of families choosing cremation.

Does the church allow this?  Yes, the Catholic Church has allowed cremation since 1996, as long as cremated remains are interred in a consecrated cemetery.

How much will the niches cost?  When the structure is built, there will be 4 exterior pods, Faith, Hope, Grace, and Charity.  The niches will range from $1,800 – $5000.  PRESALE will offer a 10% discount (available until the columbarium is complete, Summer 2017).  Brass nameplates will be sold for $475 each.

Interment Expense Breakdown:

.                                                 Columbarium

Right of Interment*                         $1,800

Opening/Closing                            Included

Perpetual Care Fee                             –

Winter Fee (if necessary)                 $50

Brass Plate/Cemetery Marker         $475

Total                                               $2,325

*People do not purchase land when “buying” a cemetery plot, rather they purchase the right for interment on that grave.  Whether 2 cremated remains are interred on the same grave, each requires the right of interment fee.  **Cemetery Markers are available at a wide range of prices.  An “average” upright cemetery monument may cost approximately $3,500 ($1,700 per person) or an individual marker may typically cost about $1,200.

Can I transfer my current lot?  Yes, if you have purchased the rights to the grave in our cemetery, you may transfer your grave purchase towards a columbarium niche.

Where in Calvary Cemetery will the Columbarium be located?

What is the timeline for the Columbarium project?  Construction is planned to begin in July 2017 and is projected to take 180 days.

Can I have a memorial to my family?  Yes, we are accepting contribution toward the landscaping garden surrounding the pods.  The beauty of this garden allows visitors the space for contemplation, prayer, & reflection upon their loved one.

The Columbarium provides a focus and a place where those who grieve can find comfort & support among members of the community.

Contact us for more information:

Call the church office at 507-532-5711 or Quinn Horvath (volunteer sexton) at 507-532-4522.